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Bali trip to Ijen volcano and Baluran Excursion

Explore Ijen volcano and discovering Baluran Van Java

Ijen volcano is located in Ijen National park, this volcano is well known for its incridible views and amazing blue fire phenomenon. Here you can climb for about 3 kilometers to reach the top of the crater and witness the beauty of the blue acid lake at the bottom of the crater. And if you were lucky you can go down to the crater and see the the blue flames and meet the sulfur miners activity.

Ijen blue flames and Baluran Excursion ( 2D1N )

Bali trip to Ijen volcano and baluran Excursion

Ijen volcano and baluran excursion ( 2D1N ), Ijen Baluran Excursion starting from Bali. We provide this tour for traveller in Bali and want to explore java side but they dont have much time. You can choose this tour packge. Explore ijen blue flames and then discovering lots of animals in  Baluran national park will be unforgotable experience.

Itinerary Bali trip to Ijen volcano and Baluran Excursion

Day 1 ( Bali - Banyuwangi  ) 

07.00 am - 11.00 am, Time to pick you up in Bali ( depends on where you are in Bali ) and then bring you to Gilimanuk harbour - cross to ketapang harbour by public ferry and continue drive to Jala Sutra Cottage and stay overnight there 

Day 2 ( Discovering Ijen BLue flames and Baluran )

Pick up in your hotel at midnight and then explore Ijen guided with a local guide, enjoying blue flame, sunrise on the of Ijen, blue lake, and the best landscape. Back to the hotel for take shower and take a rest and continue the tour around 01: 00 pm because in the afternoon all the animals would be playing in the Savana Bekol so we can see them clearly. After enjoying the sunset we will drop you off Ketapang harbour, train / bus station around banyuwangi. The tour is end 


Tour Include : 

  1. Transportation
  2. Accomodation ( 1 night )
  3. Ferry ticket 
  4. ijen entrance ticket + Baluran 
  5. Gass mask 
  6. Guide 
  7. Breakfast 
  8. Mineral water

Not included   

  1. Lunch
  2. Dinner
  3. Personal Expanses

Price list Bali trip to Ijen volcano and Baluran Excursion :

1 person = 2.600.000 IDR / person

2 person = 1.800.000 IDR / person

3 person = 1.400.000 IDR / person

4 person = 1.200.000 IDR / person

5 person = 1.000.000 IDR / person

6 person = 800.000 IDR / person

Please let us know by WhatsApp if you have a bigger group

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