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4D3N Yogyakarta Tumpak Sewu Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Starting Yogyakarta

 4D3N-Yogyakarta Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, Bromo, Ijen, Drop off Ketapang Ferry Port

Tumpak Sewu, Ijen, Bromo, are top natural attraction in the province of East Java and nearly all tourist will visit these three sites. This time, we will create a tour package from Yogyakarta taking a train to Malang. Malang is one of gateways to these attractions, and this route is quite famous among tourist.

Yogyakarta Tumpak Sewu Bromo Ijen Departs Malang 4 Days 3 Nights

Yogyakarta is the cultural of the Javanese ethnic group, located approximately 350km from the city of Malang. Malang, on the other hand serves as tourist hub in East Java. Therefore, transportation access between these two areas is very easy, with trains and buses available. Trains are highly recommended due to their punctuality. Once you arrive in Malang everything become easier as it is close to trending Tumpak Sewu Waterfall. From there you can easily visit Bromo, Famous for sunrise, and finally, Ijen Crater with its Blue Fire Phenomenon.

Itinerary Yogyakarta Tumpak Sewu Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Starting From Yogyakarta

Day one Yogyakarta to Malang by train

we will pick you up from your hotel/homestay in Yogyakarta and our crew will transfer you to the train station. Board the midnight train to Malang which takes approximately 6 hours.

Day two Malang drive to Tumpak Sewu

Arrive in Malang at 06.30 AM drive to Tumpak Sewu and meet with our local guide to explore Tumpak Sewu goa tetes and panorama. After lunch at 11.00 AM, continue the journey to Cemara Lawang and stay overnight there.

Day three Bromo tour 

Wake up early morning and transfer to sunrise view point with a jeep, Witness the breathtaking view of Sunrise Bromo. Then return to the jeep and drive to the parking area near Mount Bromo to start the hike. After exploring Bromo Crater back to jeep as well as make little stop in the sea of sand before returning to the hotel. Have a shower, packing your stuff and the journey will continue to Banyuwangi 

Day four Ijen tour drop off ferry port

At midnight we leave the hotel and drive to Paltuding post to meet the local guide that will lead you to see Blue Flames and explore Ijen Crater. The hike starts at 02.00 AM that will take 1-1.5 hours to reach summit of Ijen, When you get there The guide lead you down through narrow and rocky path to see the blue flames as well as sulfur miners activity, After exploring Ijen back to Paltuding post for Breakfast. Then we will drop you off at Ketapang harbor. 

What is included in this tour ?

1. Transportation 
  •   Full Ac private car
  •   jeep for Bromo tour
2. Accomodation
  •  One night in Bromo (Parama Hotel Bromo)
  •  One night in Ijen (Oku Guest House, Mirah Hotel)
  •  One night in Tumpak Sewu (Yanto Cottage)
3. Entrance ticket
  •  Entry ticket for Ijen Crater
  • Entry ticket for Mount Bromo
  • Entry ticket For Tumpak Sewu Waterfall
4. Train ticket Yogyakart to Malang
4. Local Guide
5. Gas mask in Ijen 
6. Local breakfast
7. Mineral water

What is not included in this tour ?
1. Travel insurance
2. Lunch
3. Dinner
4. Personal expense

what is the price for this tour ?
2 person = 8000k
3 person = 10000k
4 person = 12500k
5 person = 13500k
6/10 person = 2000k

For pricing info and discount ? please contact us !
Fast response :
WhatsApp = +62 8133 1861 276
E-mail =
Facebook = Ijen Tour (Leo urcia)
Instagram = Javavolcanotour

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4D3N Yogyakarta Tumpak Sewu Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Starting Yogyakarta